The Lymphoma Tech Meetings are here!

Register for our kick-off seminar on 4 June 2024

We are delighted to announce the first seminar in the Lymphoma Tech Meetings exclusively tailored to early career researchers within the SFB 1530.


The idea of the tech meetings is to teach you the practical tools that are relevant in lymphoma research and to foster networking on site. The seminars will take place on the Cologne campus – as an added bonus, you can attend the tech meetings and talks by guest speakers in one go and wrap up the day with a get together.


The CRC 1530 Early Career Support Board have devised an excellent programme – find the preliminary schedule and more information here: https://sfb1530.de/careers/early-career-support/lymphoma-tech-meetings


The first seminar will be held by Stuart Blakemore, PhD, on 04 June 2024, 10:30 am (60-90 minutes) at CIO, Kerpener Str. 62, 50937 Köln, building 70, seminar room 1+2.


Applying your biology background to informatics: where to start and how to analyse your high-throughput/large datasets?


In this seminar, I will briefly give you an insight into my journey into how I became a "man of both worlds", I.e., a classically trained biologist/geneticist who got involved in bioinformatics to be able to ask bigger questions about cancer biology. This session will be interactive, so please come prepared to work together to identify where you are on your coding journey, and to learn what skills do you need to acquire to be able to transition into the world of bioinformatics. This course will not be a coding lesson where you learn to run specific functions, but rather a more holistic discussion of how to instigate the self-learning experience and working out who you can turn to to help you along the way. Finally, I will also give provide an overview of the similarities between wet-lab and dry-lab work, and how the decisions you make in both worlds will have an impact on the final analytical outcome (including some free online coding platforms to get you started).


To provide Stuart with an overview of your prior knowledge, please answer this short survey: https://forms.gle/v9ScrjxUCWH6fjwD7 .