SFB 1530 Double Feature: Talk by Prof. Sebastian Kobold + Diversity Coffee Break

Sebastian Kobold is Professor of Medicine and Experimental Immunooncology at the University Hospital of the LMU and a board certified immunologist and clinical pharmacologist. His lab "Immunopharmacology" focuses on developing and testing novel strategies to treat cancer using the immune system.


Who: Prof. Sebastian Kobold, MD, LMU Munich

When:  Tuesday, 18 June 2024 at 1:30 pm

Where: CECAD Lecture Hall, building 69, Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 26, 50931 Cologne

Topic: Enhancing CAR T cell specificity




CAR T cells have changed the treatment landscape of defined B cell derived leukemia and lymphoma subtypes. Beyond these specific applications, clinical success of CAR T cells has been underwhelming. One critical component of CAR T cell therapy is the choice of the target antigen, which ideally should be ubiquituously expressed on cancer cells, important for the disease biology and discriminate between healthy and diseased cells. Beyond CD19 and BCMA, most targets fail one or more of these characteristics, putting CAR T cells at a disadvantage. We developed a single cell based algorythm to identify suitable target structures in AML and various lymphoma types. I will discuss how this platform can be used to build new CAR T cells targeting cancer cells and their environment.


This is a hybrid seminar. Those who cannot attend in person can join via Zoom:




Diversity Coffee Break - From Grad Student to Postdoc


This time our seminar is followed by a talk by Viktoria Kohlhas PhD (AG Hallek) as part of the SFB 1530 Diversity Coffee Break. The coffee break, as the name suggests, is supposed to be a completely informal meeting to raise awareness on diversity topics and to promote young scientists in their academic career.  


Viktoria defended her PhD thesis in February. She took part in a tailored coaching to navigate the transition phase to a postdoc as a female scientist and will share why/how she applied and tell us about her experiences.


We look forward to coming together in this format and hope you can find something to learn from their experiences. Everyone on the life science campus is welcome.