Family Support

In a competitive and demanding environment, maintaining a positive work-life balance poses a major challenge. Members with caring responsibilities for children or other dependents juggle career and family life on a day-to-day basis. The CRC 1530 is therefore committed to creating a family-friendly environment and supporting members in their efforts to balance out work and family life with the aid of the below measures.


Child care


We will co-finance child care at the day care facilities "Paramecium" and "Lindenburg Pänz" on the Cologne campus as well as at the day care facilities of the Fröbel group across all partner sites.


During events of the CRC 1530 or any issues with pre-arranged child care, we provide access to emergency care at the Backup Service of the University of Cologne. We will also co-finance any short-term care in the context of conferences and work appointments. 


To accommodate family-friendly schedules, we refrain from organizing events outside the working hours of 08:00-17:00.



Back-up service


The University of Cologne offers an emergency care service in close colloboration with the “Kinderhaus Parameciumon the Cologne campus. Its opening hours and services are tailored to the needs of academia, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities for female scientists and their pursuit of a scientific career. 


The University of Cologne uses a a ticket system to provide backup day-care service. Please find further information here: Backup Service.


Please note there is an annual limit of 600,00 € per member for the funding of short-term care of children. Members in Cologne can also apply for the Family Fund of the University of Cologne. 



Laboratory assistance


To maintain scientific progress during pregnancy, parental leave or family care duties, we support members by financing a student assistant for everyday lab routines and administrative matters. 


If you would like to apply for this kind of support, please contact us: info@sfb1530.de




Family-friendly university on campus 


The University of Cologne offers a range of permanent services to support parents and or people with caring responsibilities. Click on the program to learn more:


Dual Career & Family Support


the Dual Career and Family Support offers individual counselling for newly appointed professors, PIs, international postdocs as well as their partners regarding career planning and combining career with family commitments.


Family Fund


members can apply for proportionate refinancing of care costs incurred due to absences on business or study-related matters, or claim additional travel expenses incurred due to taking a child or a caretaker along on a trip.


"Fokus Vereinbarkeit"


a further training program aimed at balancing out family and caring responsibilities and career. 


Family Campus Map


find all important information regarding family-friendly measures and services on this map