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Diversity Coffee Break: First Generation Doctorate Mentoring+

Time to take a coffee break again ☕. Following the Diversity Week at the…

SFB 1530 Double Feature: Talk by Prof. Sebastian Kobold + Diversity Coffee Break

Sebastian Kobold is Professor of Medicine and Experimental Immunooncology at the…

The Lymphoma Tech Meetings are here!

Register for our kick-off seminar on 4 June 2024

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Florian Bassermann

Florian Bassermann is the director of the department of hematology and oncology…

Women & Science: Advancing Cancer Research - Elisa ten Hacken

Join our first seminar in the Women & Science series

Seminar: Early Career Researchers in Oncology - funding opportunities

Date: Wednesday, May 7 2024, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: University Hospital…

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Michael Hudecek

Our next seminar will be held by Michael Hudecek, chair of the Department for…

Else Kröner Excellence Stipend for Paul Bröckelmann

Congrats to Paul on this achievement! 

Workshop: Research Data Management in (Bio-) Medicine

Register for the first workshop on RDM in an upcoming series

New publication by Prinz, Chmielewski et al.: new strategy for safer CAR T Cell therapy in lymphomas

The preclinical study reveals promising strategies for translational research

New publication: Role of the tumor microenvironment in CLL pathogenesis

New review by project B01 in press (pre-proof)

New publication by Al-Sawaf, Eichhorst et al. in Nature Medicine

The phase 2 RT1 trial shows that deep and durable remissions can be achieved in…

Call for Abstracts: West German Lymphoma Symposium

The bi-annual West German Lymphoma Symposium launches in May 2024

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Philipp Jost

Our next seminar will be held by Philipp Jost, professor in the Division of…

New publication by Kashkar et al. in The EMBO Journal


Cellular inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (cIAPs) are RING-containing…

Bridging Perspectives: A Dialogue on Diversity and Mental Health in Science

EXHIBITION from November 16th to December 1st, 2023

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Tríona Ní Chonghaile

Dr Tríona Ní Chonghaile is a senior lecturer in the Department of Physiology and…

It's a wrap – annual retreat in Estoril

Our second retreat took place 22 and 23 October 2023 in Estoril, Portugal

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Arnon Kater

Arnon Kater's research covers the broad spectrum of fundamental, pre-clinical…

New preprint of the Pallasch lab: Pentose Phosphate Pathway Inhibition activates Macrophages towards phagocytic Lymphoma Cell Clearance

Macrophages in the B-cell lymphoma microenvironment represent a functional node…

New publication in Science Advances: cFLIP and cell death

The Annibaldi lab's study on the role of cFLIP cleavage in the regulation of…

SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Caroline Pabst (Heidelberg University Hospital)

About Caroline Pabst, MD

Caroline Pabst is a clinician researcher at Heidelberg…

SFB 1530 Diversity Coffee Break

Take a coffee break with the Inclusivity, Diversity and Gender committee!

New publication in The New England Journal of Medicine

The latest study of the German CLL Study Group shows that…

SFB 1530 Seminar Series kickoff: Martin Dreyling (LMU Munich)

Our first guest speaker for the series is Prof. Martin Dreyling from LMU Munich.

New publication in Nature Communications

New publication of project C04 in B-cell lymphoma and CLL: Transcriptomic…

Christian_Reinhardt - SFB1530

Christian Reinhardt receives the German Cancer Award 2023

The CRC1530 group leader was awarded the German Cancer Award 2023 in…

Call for Abstracts/Registration: 7th Translational Research Conference: Lymphoid Malignancies

The European School of Haematology (ESH) 7th Translational Research Conference…

New Publication: LYN kinase programs stromal fibroblasts

The new publication by Phuong-Hien Nguyen and Michael Hallek's team in Nature…