Inclusivity, Diversity and Gender

Inclusivity, diversity and equality are at the core of our organizational culture. We do not only place particular emphasis on these values in order to excel within our research, but we also maintain these principles beyond academic performance.


We are fully committed in fostering a work environment in which all members, regardless of their gender identity, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion and (dis-)abilities, are valued. In doing so, we acknowledge systemic disparities within our own academic sphere and strive to establish equal opportunities for all members within the CRC.


In accordance with the Equal Opportunities Strategy of the University of Cologne and the Research-Oriented Equity and Diversity Standards of the German Research Foundation, we engage in fostering inclusivity, diversity, equality throughout recruitment, promotion of scientific contribution as well as in career development. We acknowledge that our endeavors are not exhausted by these actions and strive to identify and implement further steps in an ongoing process. 


In each of the sections below, you will find an overview of equal opportunities provided by the CRC and all contact information within the University of Cologne and our partner sites pertaining to inclusivity, diversity and equality.


More information coming soon.