SFB 1530 Seminar Series: Tríona Ní Chonghaile

Dr Tríona Ní Chonghaile is a senior lecturer in the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and lead of the research group Targeted Therapeutics in Cancer. She is an expert on the cutting-edge technology "BH3 profiling", which her lab utilizes to interrogate cell death signalling for identifying effective combinations of treatments in diverse types of leukemia.

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Who: Tríona Ní Chonghaile, PhD, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin 

When:  Tuesday, 21 November 2023 at 1 pm

Where: CIO, building 70, seminar room 3, ground floor

Topic:  "Measuring and inducing BCL-2 dependence as a vulnerability in leukemia"


The seminar will be followed by a networking get together specifically for junior scientists – feel free to exchange ideas with both Dr. Ní Chonghaile and your peers after the talk.