Workshop: Research Data Management in (Bio-) Medicine

Register for the first workshop on RDM in an upcoming series

The INF projects of both CRCs 1399 and 1530 invite all their members to join the workshop on Research Data Management in (Bio-) Medicine. 

The main questions open for discussion are "Why do we need Research Data Management?" and "What are the available services and training offers?".



Date: April 10th 2024, 9 am - 11:30 am



1) RDM as part of good research practice

2) RDM in our CRCs via INF-Projects

3) Service landscape: Relevant infrastructures and NFDI consortia are being presented

4) Training offers: special modules   <-- select your preferred ones!

5) Discussion and voting on possible follow-up training workshops


This event is organised in cooperation with the ZB MED at the University of Cologne. 

Registration will be open until March 25th: